Coronavirus: Our Community vs. Fear

At the outset let’s be clear – every life is of utmost importance. As of this being written our community has lost 5 people to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The most at risk, according to current data, are:

  • Those 50 and above – especially those 70+
  • Those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, undergoing Cancer treatment, and immunity issues
  • Men
  • Preventing even one more death is a goal we all share.

    I want to focus on an additional goal. The absolute guarantee that we will survive this. The reality that together we will overcome this.

    This is a message I have been focused on for some time.

    I support Mayor Rich David and local Government in their efforts to protect all of us. I respect the intentions of Governor Cuomo in this crisis.

    I want to emphasize that we will survive this. Together. According to New York State there is currently a 99.9994% chance of survival against the Coronavirus. In Broome County alone, 99.99997% of our community is surviving. This is not said often enough.

    Even so, we must continue to fight and look to the future. We must look out for our friends and neighbors who are suffering due to the isolation and lack of work. We must ensure that anyone who chooses to protect themselves is properly trained and aware of how to do so. We must try to provide that helping hand to the small business owners that will be vital once we can venture out and regain our normalcy.

    I am including links here for several of those points. This isn’t about politics, its about community. I invite anyone who has more information and sources that can help us all, to add to this list.

    NY State Coronavirus status:

    #Suicide Prevention – 800-273-8255

    #Domestic Abuse – 6O7-748-7453 (Southern Tier), 315-797-7740 (Mohawk Valley)

    #Substance Abuse – 800-662-4357

    CHOW – Pantries and food (please call first for COVID-19 changes) – 800-901-2180

    Response, Recovery and Resiliency Task force (for businesses) –