I have been actively involved in politics at every level of government. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and similar hours, on reviewing and speaking to the elected officials that serve us. I have built relationships, and understanding about our laws and budgets, with politicians of every Party.

Not everyone agrees with me on all subjects. It would be a scary and less free world if they did. But I understand the compromises needed to move the necessary forward, the relationships that build support, and the line of commitment to values I will not cross.

What I can offer, that few seeking elected office have or would dare to share with the public, is what I have already said. I have been consistent and constant in my beliefs and efforts. You can see every word of it, unaltered, because I stand by what I have said and done.

I have written some 2 million words in 2300 articles over 12 years at mvass.com

I have created some 900 videos, filling over 500 hours of content, at NO Soundbites Allowed

I won’t make the false promise that everyone will love everything I stand for and believe in. I DO promise that my commitment is unwavering, consistent, and based on knowledge. That is my history, my asset to constituents. I will stand for you, publicly and directly, without fear or outside influences, because that is the right thing to do. I don’t know any other way.